Tax Law

ASKESIS intervenes in the domains of taxation as they concern businesses and individuals. As such, the Firm:

Advises its clients on all their tax-related issues (determination of tax result, research tax credit, creation of subsidiaries, remuneration tools of senior management...);

Develops and implements restructuring of groups (merger, partial contribution of assets...);

Performs acquisition audits;

Issues “tax opinions”;

Optimises the asset transfers of natural persons (restructuring of private and professional assets, transfer...);

Assists its clients within the framework of tax audit operations (auditing of company accounting records, tax audits of individuals, proposal of adjustment...);

Represents and defends its clients in tax litigation before administrative and judicial jurisdictions;

Advises, assists and represents foreign entities holding real property in France with the French tax administration (matters related to the 3% tax, real estate gains, sale/transfer of real property or of shares in real estate companies...).

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