Droit Financier

Innovative finance law

We practice rigorous and innovative finance law. Once reserved solely for large companies and institutional financial establishments, finance law has become available to the masses thanks to disintermediation and technical innovations (FinTech).

Our Clients are Service Providers in Investment Services, Banking Establishments, Portfolio Management Companies, Financial Investment Advisors, Crowdfunding Platforms, FinTech companies and businesses whose project or trajectory is related to these specific regulations.

The lawyers deal with various issues

We assist our Clients in structuring their financial activities from a regulatory standpoint:

  • Identification of the necessary Financial certifications;
  • Foreseeable regulatory exceptions or streamlining;
  • Creation of F.I.A.;
  • Participative Financing;
  • Contracts with clients, suppliers, partners having a regulated activity;

Similarly, we intervene in more traditional operations for which our knowledge of the finance industry is an advantage:

  • Financing by IPO;
  • M&A in the finance industry;
  • FinTech fundraising;

Thus, we are in regular contact with the AMF, the ACPR, Euronext/EnterNext and professional associations.

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